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Hey Ya’ll! It has been almost two weeks since I’ve last written a blog post. Let’s just say life has gotten the best of me lately and I haven’t had time to write a blog post or find some creative energy to do so. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently graduated with my Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University at the beginning of May. After 16 months of writing hundreds of research papers until the wee hours of the morning. Let’s just say this girl is tired…

In addition to having the burnt out syndrome. My weekends have been jam packed and after work all I’ve wanted to do is exercise, cook dinner, or spend time with friends. Let’s just I’ve been taking some time to myself these past few weeks to find some balance again and just breath and enjoy life. It has really been refreshing. I’ve also got some new projects I’m working on behind scenes that I’ll reveal sometime to you all in the next few months. So stay tuned!

But for now I’m back to blogging and I’ve got some exciting blog posts to share with you over the next few weeks. 


What’s up? Where have you been?


What’s up? Where have you been? A question I’ve been getting a lot lately from readers of the blog. Let’s just say life got extremely busy during July. So I let the blog take a back seat so I could enjoy a little summer break. I’m still in grad school and my class this summer required me to run a separate blog. If you are interested in marketing check it out here. I also started a new job that I love, working in content marketing for a global brand. I’m also training for a 5k with Women’s Health Magazine. Which I’ll share more about this week, because i need your help. 

So that’s what my life has looked like lately. But the good news is the blog is back and i’ve got some amazing content lineup to share with you this month. 

Thanks for sticking around and asking me where the heck I’ve been.  

My Bucket List

Lately I have been thinking what’s next in my life, I have a new job, and a lot of new things are buzzing in my life. I know I can’t plan out my life day by day, hour by hour but I wish I could but i can’t because it’s all in Gods hands. But I can make life goals for myself that I would like to accomplish and achieve. So I decided to create a Bucket List….there is one rule….this isn’t something that i need to do before i die…I would like to accomplish this by my 26th birthday. I will be 25 this fall so that give’s me a 1 year and a half to complete this list. So here is my bucket:

1. Write More

I have always loved to write since I was a little girl. This is the reasoning behind the start of my blog. I wanted to share my love of life and daily experiences with the world. I just need to make more time to do it on a daily basis. Working a 9 to 5 job makes it hard to really focus on some of the other passions I have in life like writing. I write for living but it’s more technical not free style.

2. Travel More

I love to explore and say that I have been new places. My passport expires in 2011 so I am determined to take a trip out of the country. I have only been out of the country once and that was my trip to Spain in high school. I would love to go back to Europe and also travel to South America. Bon Voyage!

3. Save Money

I have always been the girl known to find the cheapest fashionable finds and best places to eat on a budget. But it’s still spending money rather than saving. I want to save more over the next year.

4. Focus on Me

Often I spend my time caring to much about my friends and family and focusing less on myself and what’s important to me. So I really need to focus on me and continue to grow into my own. Lately I have been feeling to comfortable with life and losing focus. So i need to get back on track.

“Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.”
Jon Bon Jovi

5. Take more photos.

I went through a phase where I was constantly taking photos. I have a digital camera and I professional film camera. I would love to get back into the habit of taking more photography and honing in on my craft.

6. Cook More…

I love to cook and eventually I want to open my own catering company. So I would love to starting creating new recipes and creating a niche style.

The rest of my list is To be Continued as the rest of the time goes on….

Do you ┬áhave a bucket list? What’s on your list?