Blood Orange Hibiscus Margaritas

Blood Orange Hibiscus Margaritas

Blood Orange Hibiscus Margaritas

I have a serious craving for blood oranges during the winter months. I love them as snacks, on desserts, and in salads. In honor of National Margarita Day, I decided to share my love for blood oranges and make some yummy blood orange hibiscus lime margaritas. 

This margarita recipe is a little different than your traditional margarita because it uses fresh blood orange juice and hibiscus-lime soda. The hibiscus adds a floral essence to the traditional margarita. The sweet and tart flavors are perfect for any occasion. Check out the recipe below. 

Blood Orange Hibiscus Margarita


2 ounces el Jimador silver tequila

1/2 Triple Sec

Four blood oranges, squeezed 

Two limes, squeezed

1 tsp simple syrup 

A splash of hibiscus lime soda ( preferred brand Joai)


In a shaker filled with ice, add ingredients. Pour into a glass rimmed with salt (optional). Garnish with a lime or blood orange. 

*Tequila for this recipe was provided by el Jimador


Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope you are planning to celebrate with friends. Tonight I am staying in but I’m looking forward to enjoying my slow cooker chicken fajitas. Cinco de Mayo wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without some delicious cocktails. Thanks to the team at Desperados Beer, I’ve created this refreshing cocktail recipe based on a recipe I found from Rachael RayDesperados Beer is a tequila barrel-aged lager. The lemonade gives the drink a feminine touch. 

What are your plans for cinco de mayo? 

  Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail   
Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail  

  Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail   
Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail  

Raspberry Lemonade Beer Cocktail 


2 12 Bottles of Desperados Beer

1 frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate

3/4 cup vodka

1 lime, sliced

In a large pitcher, stir all ingredients together. Chill for 1 hour in the refrigerator and serve over ice. 

Disclosure: All alcohol was provided by Desperados.

Green Apple Ginger Juice




I’ve been wanting a juicer for a while now, it was the last household appliance I needed for my condo. Last week, I was browsing through Macy’s and stumbled upon a juicer on clearance. With extreme markdowns and a gift card, I walked away with my first juicer for $25. I’m still in shock!

Juicing is a great way to get your daily vitamins and greens in while on the go. So this weekend, I decided to test it out by creating my first juice recipe. 

Green Apple Ginger Juice
  1. 4 green apples, sliced and cored
  2. 3 stalks of kale
  3. A handful of spinach
  4. 3 tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled
  5. 1 lemon, peeled
  6. 1 sprig of mint
  7. 1 teaspoon of honey (optional)
  1. Feed apples, kale, spinach, ginger, mint, and lemon through juicer. Stir and add honey. Serve in tall glass over ice.
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 Do you own a juicer? What’s your favorite juice recipe?

The Dark & Stormy Cocktail

A few weeks ago, I discovered my new signature cocktail, the Dark & Stormy. It’s an old island favorite from Bermuda, made with ginger beer, rum, and a splash of lime juice. I created my own version of the drink by swapping out the ginger beer with ginger ale and adding a little agave nectar. The spicy and sweet combination of the rum and the ginger together make for the perfect evening cocktail. 




The Dark & Stormy
  1. 4 oz of dark rum
  2. 1 lime, squeezed
  3. Ginger ale
  4. 1 tablespoon agave nectar
  5. 2 highball glasses
  1. Add 2 oz of rum, lime, ginger ale, and agave nectar to each highball glasses. Stir together. Fill with ice and serve immediately. A garnish of lime is optional.
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Happy Hour: Skinny Blood Orange Margaritas


I know it’s a little early in the morning to be thinking about Happy Hour, but its 5 o’clock somewhere right?? The weather was perfect this weekend in Atlanta. The sun was shining and the high was in the 70’s. Can you believe it’s January? I spent the weekend in t-shirts and jeans, which was so nice! It was the perfect weather for Margaritas. So I decided to use my favorite winter citrus fruit, a Blood Orange and mix up a light refreshing drink.

So I created a skinny Blood Orange Margarita, which is under 130 calories. Check out the recipe below:

Skinny Blood Orange Margaritas

Serving Size 3

1/2 cup of freshly squeezed blood orange juice. ( About 4 large blood oranges)

8 oz of Clear Premium Tequila (count 1, 2 ,3, 4,5,6 while you pour, no need for measuring)

Freshly squeezed Juice of 4 limes

2 Tablespoons of Blue Agave Nectar

1/2 cup of crushed ice

Tiny splash of Orange Liquor

Add everything to a blender and blend.

While the mix is blending run fresh lime juice around the rim of the glasses and add about 4 tablespoons of sea salt to a small saucer. Then flip glasses downward onto the salt and turn glasses clockwise. The salt should stick to the rim of the glasses. Pour drink into glasses and Enjoy! Add a lime slice or a blood orange slice for a garnish.