New Series: Around the Coffee Table


Within my close circles of friends lately I find us having deep and intimate conversations about life in our late twenties and early thirties. We talk about having a career,finances , dating, sex, politics, racism and shopping of course. So I decided to take our dialogues from around the coffee table to blogasphere. This new series: Around the Coffee Table will discuss real life issues no sugar coating here.

Today we will be discussing career.

One of my friends sent me an article via e-mail from the NY Times about the overworked twenty-something. It’s funny that she sent the article because a group of us just finished talking about how 75 percent of our friends aren’t happy in their jobs and really stressed, overworked and underpaid. Everyone has a side hustle and is trying to rise to the top. I like to call us the  rising stars. Each week I get text friend a guy or girlfriend, telling me how much they want a new job. In my circle of friends I think I’m only one who is happy with my job.

Granted it took me a while to find my passion and a job that I love. People look at my resume and say oh you have so much experience but I have switched jobs a lot since I graduated. For those of you that don’t know, I currently do food marketing. My day to day consists of managing my companies social channels, handling blogger relations, testing recipes, writing for our magazine, blog, and newsletter along with other marketing related activities. In addition to that I also travel a few times a year. I love marketing and food! I finally found something I’m good at. I just wish my friends could find that too!

What are your thoughts about the article? Are you an overworked twenty-something?


Casual Fridays


My office recently implemented a new casual Friday policy so that we can wear jeans. It’s always fun to find cute new  ways to dress down, so for the month of March I’ll be sharing casual office appropriate looks. Does your office have a casual Friday policy?

Sinless Margarita Giveaway

It’s almost bathing suit season! Which means you still have to bust your butt in the gym until the pools open. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a cocktail every now and then.

I’ve got a solution for you with the Sinless Cocktail Mixes. Sinless Cocktails is a line of all-natural and sugar free cocktail mixes sweetened with stevia. It’s only 5 calories! They are known for their margarita mix but they also make a Mojito, a sweet and sour, and a strawberry margarita mix. All you have to do is add alcohol and you ready to party!

I tried out their Sinless Margarita mix with a few friends a few weeks ago and we all loved it! They taste great and they don’t give you a headache the next day. The fact that its low-calorie makes it even better.

Sinless Cocktails is offering one lucky reader of mine a chance to try their mixers. To enter the giveaway follow the rules below and leave a comment telling me how you like your margarita. You have until Tuesday, March 5,2013 to enter. Best of luck to all entrants!
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Operation: The Patio Project

I’m excited to announce that I am participating in Home Depot’s latest blogger style challenge. Me and a team of other bloggers have been given the challenge to design an outdoor space. Spring is almost here and this is the perfect challenge to bring on the warm weather.

My friend Sonya just moved into her new townhome and asked for my advice on how to decorate her outdoor space. So for this challenge we are going to take her patio from drab to fab! We will spend the month of March sprucing up her outdoor space just in time for spring parties. Also stay tuned, I will be sharing our shopping trip to Home Depot and a few D.I.Y. inspired projects.

Check out my inspiration board below!