Relax and Release

relazedsl Last weekend I was admitted into the Hospital for having a rapid resting heart rate and a unknown stomach virus.

I spent three days in the local hospital praying that they would find the cause of my continuous high heart beat. The doctors blamed it on stress but I think it was a severe side effect from some medicine I was on. After day one it became really hard to relax and unplug.

Due to my stomach virus, I was put on a liquid diet for two days. After two days, I was like give this foodie some food now. After leaving the hospital the doctor ordered that I take the rest of the week off and relax. So I booked a much needed massage and spent all this weekend relaxing.

With that all being said I’m happy to tell you that I’m well and back to 100 percent. I think
sometimes God slows us down from our normal routine to take time to ourselves to reflect.

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  1. Traci June 2, 2014 / 4:03 PM

    That sounds scary! I’m glad everything returned to normal and that you are okay. I also feel like sometimes taking a break is the only thing to do, and sometimes it needs to happen when we feel least able to step back! Happy relaxing!

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