Goals for 2015

GoaLs for 2015

This weekend I attend a goal setting workshop hosted by LadypreneurLeague. The workshop helped us map out our goals for 2015. So, I wanted to wait to post my goals until after attending this workshop to make some changes. I already discussed some of my goals in my 30 before 30 list. I’ve found that if I write down my goals and put them out their in the universe I’ll be challenged to make it happen. Looking back at last year surprisingly I completed most of my goals on my list. So today I’ll be sharing a few of my personal and professional goals. 

1. Start doing videos on the blog

2. Have my condo featured in a magazine, newspaper, and online magazine. 

3. Start freelancing again ( so if you know of anyone looking for a writer give me a shout)

4. Find balance in life

5. Increase my Facebook fan base ( Do you like my Facebook page?)

6. Be consistent in blogging ( Create a regularly scheduled pattern in posting)

7. Update my online portfolio

8. Work on my business plan ( I have a great idea for a business and I want to work on starting the preliminary stages this year)

9. Start a series on blogging advice (I’ll be celebrating my five year anniversary of blogging next month and I’m always having people e-mailing me for advice so I’ve decided to launch a five part series on blogging )

10. Get featured in Southern Living (It’s been a goal of my to be featured in Southern Living since I am a southern lifestyle blogger)

11. Re-shoot old recipes on my blog. ( If you start digging deeper, you will find some horribly photographed recipes on my blog)

12. Finish decorating my guest room and remodeling my kitchen. (My guest room is almost done all I need is a mattress, a desk, and a large piece of art work)

 What are your goals for 2015? I would love to hear about them in a comment below. 



New Year, New Goals: 2014


After taking two weeks off from blogging to prepare for the New Year. I’m back! I must say I feel refreshed and ready to conquer 2014. Last year was the first time, I set blogging and personal goals for myself and accomplished most of them. This year I’ve set five personal and blogging goals.

1. Grow my blogger network-  In 2014, I would love to connect with more bloggers that are newbies and veterans to the business. Coming up on the heels of my four year blogging anniversary, I would love to partner with several bloggers to create some awesome content for my readers. I think its always great when you can connect with bloggers to chat about strengths and weaknesses you are finding with in the industry. 

2. Save, Save, Save- As a new home owner, I’ve really learned the importance of having a strong savings and emergency fund in the last year. In 2014, I want to create a better budget and stick to it. My spending lately has been out of control lately. 

3. Get Fit, Eat Healthy- My doctor recently put me on the Virgin Diet for 3 weeks because of some health issues I’ve been dealing with. So that means I’ll be giving up Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Sugar, Corn for three weeks. Which could be a good thing because these last few months I’ve been slacking on eating healthy and working out. Instead of working out four times a week like I used to, I’ll be lucky if I make it to the gym once a week. So this year I want to make my health a priority. 

4. Unplug and Refresh- For the month of January a group of friends of mine and I made a pact to give up Facebook for a month. So far its been good for me. I’ve found myself these past few days reading and writing more. I do work in the social media industry, so I still have to use Facebook for work during the day but its been refreshing to skip the holiday engagements, daily baby posts, and horrible food photography. Lol!  In a recent article on Glamour.com, editor Cindi Levi, challenged her readers unplug more. So in 2014, I want to make an attempt to unplug at least three times this year from all social media channels.So who is up for the challenge?

5. Be a Better Blogger- In 2014, I want to be a better blogger. All though 2013 was a great year for my blog, I must say there were nights when I just wanted to click the delete and walk away from my blog. I learned in the later part of the year that I need to be more organized. The best bloggers are the most organized bloggers. So in 2014 I want to blog more often and create more personalized content that my readers will enjoy. 

What are your goals for 2014? I love to hear about it in a comment below. 

What to Expect in 2013


This is the time of year when most people ask you what your plans are for the upcoming year. As I mentioned in my last post, I like to set goals rather than resolutions. I’m pretty content on how 2012 went so lately when I’ve been asked what my New Years goals were for 2013, I contemplated giving a response. I’m not sure why, I just feel like living life in 2013 and keep my momentum going.

I put on my Facebook page the other day, “2012 treated me pretty well but 2013 will be my year to shine. Happy New Year everyone!” One of my friends mother responded with a sweet comment, “Happy New Year Jewel, I know you’ll shine even brighter than you are right now.” So I’m going to keep shining and set a few small goals for 2013 and keep it moving. My personal goals are to do more yoga, get organized, network more and take a photography class.Those seem pretty easy and obtainable.

However, I do have a few exciting things planned here on the blog for the New Year. You can  expect a new design launch sometime later this month or in February. I’ve been blogging since 2010 and haven’t changed my look since. I’ve had a few readers give me feedback on how to make this site more user friendly, so I hope you will stay tuned for the reveal.

Also, my new motto which I tested out at the end of 2012, is blog when I can and about what to want to. I stopped blogging regulary because I felt as if I was having thousands of readers visit my blog but no one was commenting or engaging with my posts. So I want to produce more exciting new series that hopefully you will enjoy.

Many of you may not know that I work a full-time where I do social media and communications. My job also requires me to blog and manage social media full-time. I thought there would be a way to manage my social life, family time, friend time, a full-time job and blog everyday. Well there aren’t enough hours in a day. Sometimes I come home at 10 p.m. and I am ready to crash. I could write a crappy blog post just to put one up online but I’m not.  So In 2013, I plan to manage my time better and produce quality blog posts vs. quantity. I really don’t see how bloggers who blog everyday do it!

I also want to continue to collaborate with bloggers and digital publications to guest blog. In addition, I would also like to attend one blogger conference this year.

So that’s all for me! I hope that you will continue to stay tuned and remain a loyal reader in 2013.

Happy New Year!

What are your goals for 2013?

New Year New Goals


With the new year officially underway, everyone is making resolutions for the rest of the year. I usually make resolutions or but this year I am going to do things a little differently because I usually end up only completing two or none of the things on my list. For example, last year I said I was going to do Hot Yoga, well I purchased a Groupon in December 2011 and just started using it last week.

This year I set 12 realistic goals that I would like to complete by the end of 2012. If I don’t complete them so what!

1. Get Back in Shape– Lately I have been living a lie and eating whatever I have wanted and expected not to gain weight. I haven’t stepped foot into a gym or lifted a weight since October and I am seeing the pounds pack on. So I joined Weight Watchers last week in hopes to get to my goal weight.

2. Use My Passport– My passport expires in 2013 and I have only used it once. I plan this year to add a few more stamps to my book. I would love to go to the Caribbean or travel back to Europe.

3. Run a 5k– I ran my first race in 2010 and haven’t ran since I broke my foot. I would love to compete in another 5k this year.

4. Collaborate– I want to collaborate with other bloggers on several projects and also try to get published in a major publication.

5. Start Dating Again– I recently got out of a long term relationship and in 2012 I would like to start dating again.

6. Faith– I am a Christian and I finally found a church in Atlanta that I like. This year I would like to become more involved at church and join a small group.

7. Spend Less, Save More– If I keep on track I should meet my savings goal by April. However, I tend to still have a tendency to still spend. This year I would love to focus managing my budget better.

8. Unplug– I am always plugged in and can’t go an hour without looking at my blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest accounts. I know it’s bad! So this year I am going to unplug one weekend a month.  I will power off my cellphone and spend that time meditating and focusing on myself.

9. Pamper Myself– Each quarter I would like to treat myself to a new spa treatment. Every girl needs to pamper themselves every once in a while.

10. Foodie Bucket List– Once a month I am going to cross off something from my foodie bucket list, rather it be trying a new restaurant or baking a new dish or finally doing that cooking class.

11. Focus on the Present– I often spend time worried so much about the future, I forget to live in the moment. This year I want to work on worrying less and trying to soak up the present.

12. Volunteer– I used be really involved within the local community and I have recently scaled back on volunteering. So in 2012 I would like to start volunteering again.

Do you have any goals for the New Year? I would love to hear about them!