All-natural beauty routine





A few months ago on a trip to Earthfare, I discovered a line of all-natural beauty products by a company called Pacifica. A representative from the brand was in-store the day I was shopping and gave me a few samples to try. Well I’m absolutely hooked and have been using their products ever since. I had no clue they also sold their line at Target and Ulta.

In a conversation earlier in the summer, my friend asked me what was my beauty secret to getting smooth and perfect skin. I laughed and responded lotion and good genes. Until discovering Pacifica’s vital immersion deep hydrating mask and restorative roll-on face oil I didn’t have a moisturizing routine. I know the beauty experts are cringing as they are reading this post but the Pacifica brand has been a lifesaver. The deep hydrating mask can be worn overnight and the roll-on face oil I like to apply in the morning because it promotes good circulation.

The Pacifica line is just what I needed to simplify my all-natural beauty routine. What I love most about the Pacifica brand is that it’s 100% natural, organic and nontoxic.

I’ve kinda become a fitness junkie lately to prepare for my up coming trip to Aruba. The Pacifica enzymatic exfoliating wipes have been a real treat to my skin after a sweaty session at the bar. These peach and apricot infused wipes help remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin.

Words cannot express how much I’ve fallen in love with this line. I’m a strong believer in all things made from the earth.

*These products were sent to me by Pacifica in partnership with their exclusive line for Ulta. My opinions are my own.

What’s in my bag?

* This post is sponsored by Always Liners as a part of their #WhatsAlwaysOnMe program.  brand_logo_desktop

I’m always getting compliments on my handbags but I never share what’s in my bag. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but just never got around to it. Most of the time it’s filled with junk because I’m always in the rush and on the go. I’m currently carrying this reversible tote bag that I snagged while I was in Dallas last year from a store called St.Bernards Sports. I’m currently using the tan side of the bag but plan to switch to the red side for fall football season. Roll Tide! Its lightweight and can carry all of my everyday essentials.

Take a peek to see what’s in my bag below:

whatsinmybag copy

  1. Makeup– my mom always said never leave the house without lipstick on; well sometimes I forget! So I usually toss my Bobbi Brown bronzer, my Jouer hydrating lipstick, my LAQA & Co. lip pencil, some EOS lip balm, and my Benefit mascara and bronzer.
  2. Toiletries– It’s always important to make sure you stay fresh while on the go, so I always make sure to carry a few Always Xtra Protection Liners with me in my purse.
  3. Cell Phone– Got to have my cell phone with me at all times. I don’t know what
    I would do without it.
  4. Vitamins– I’m obsessive about my health and I take a ton of multivitamins in addition to probiotics. These Rainbow Light vegan multivitamins have been a lifesaver.
  5. Wallet– It took me a while to find the perfect wallet that could fit all of my cards. I found this wallet in Dallas last year and it’s been a lifesaver.
  6. Water– I drink about 4 bottles of water a day so you will always find a bottle of water in my bag.
  7. Receipts– I wish retailers would all have the e-mail your receipt program because I’m always toting around a ton of receipts in my bag.


Around Atlanta: Heat Lounge

I’m back with another installment of my Around Atlanta series. In today’s Around Atlanta series, I recently visited Heat Lounge, a blowout salon in Atlanta to get my hair done. Heat Lounge has two locations in the Atlanta area one in Buckhead and one in Dunwoody. I booked my appointment at the Dunwoody hair salon. The Dunwoody salon not only does blowouts but they also do cuts, color, treatments, and makeup. This is your one stop shop before a night on the town.

Heat Salon Dunwoody

Once you arrive you’ll be offered a glass of water, wine, mimosa, or champagne. Then you’ll meet your stylist at their chair and you’ll talk about what you were thinking about doing to your hair that day. Once you’ve chatted you’ll be taken to their washing room for a nice relaxing shampoo and conditioning treatment followed by a head massage.

My stylist did a great job on my blowout. He took time to learn about my hair and what I did and didn’t like done on my hair. They currently use all Moroccan Oil products.

I also had my makeup done by their onsite makeup artist Laura.

After having a stressful week, a visit to the salon was just what I needed.

Heat Salon Dunwoody


Heat Lounge Atlanta

Birchbox Road Trip

Last weekend, Birchbox made a pit stop in Atlanta while on its summer Birchbox Road Trip. If you’ve been following my blog for years you know I’m a huge fan of Birchbox and their business model. I had the opportunity a few years ago to take a tour of their office in New York. So it was nice to have the team here in my city. I stopped by the pop up event on Saturday. The lines were long for people waiting to get in so I decided to come back later in the afternoon when it was a little bit cooler. To my luck when I arrived before closing for the day, I was able to walk right through the space.

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta


Birchbox and Birchbox Man were on site selling their favorite products from the online retail shop. Birchbox Women was on one side and Birchbox Man was on the other. Visitors to the popup can build their own Birchbox or shop the full size products from the retail shop. I decided to use my Birchbox points to purchase a few new full-size products. I ended finding a new lipstick color from Jouer Cosmetics and two new nail polishes from Floss Gloss. Because I purchase $40 worth of merchandise the Birchbox team threw in a wishing necklace for free.

Also at the pop-up girls and guys can take advantage of a few of the free beauty treatments Birchbox is offering. 

Atlanta is the first stop on the three-city tour. So if you are in Chicago or Los Angeles check out their website to see when Birchbox is coming to you. If you do stop by don’t forget to share you experience on social media using the hashtag #birchboxinmycity. 

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta

National Bad Ass Hair Day

I played tennis leisurely for about 10 years after my parents signed up for a tennis camp with Nike one summer when I was a kid. My best friend Chantel and I continued the tradition by hitting the tennis courts each summer right before we hit the pool. Let me set the record straight, we aren’t your Williams sisters we are pretty amateur players.

I recently started taking tennis lessons again on Sunday mornings with my friends from the Junior League. So for four weeks I’ll be hitting the tennis courts again to brush up on my game. The first two weeks were rough but brought back old memories.

When playing outdoors it’s essential to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. It is also important to make sure you have your hair tied up or protected some away. You never know who you may run into after leaving the tennis courts, and you always want to have a #badasshairday. To ensure that I am prepared I also carry a bag with facial wipes, water, dry shampoo, and a comb.  What’s your post workout routine for looking fresh?

IMG_6488.JPG  I’ve teamed up with OGX beauty to celebrate the kick off a new national holiday, National Bass Ass Hair Day. Today, women across the world will be celebrating #badasshairday by sharing selfies of how awesome their hair looks wherever they may be. You could be sitting in your office at work or taking care of your kids or finishing up your evening run. Where ever you are, stop and take a selfie of your awesome hair style today and share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #badasshairday. You’ll find me on the tennis courts this evening joining in on the fun.


“OGX provided me with compensation for this post as apart of their National Bass Ass Hair Day campaign. The opinions I have shared are my own.”