2017 food, fashion, beauty and design trends to watch out for

2016 was a great year for the food, fashion, and design industry. Turmeric became the spice everyone wanted to use in their food, off the shoulder tops had a big comeback, the design industry made florals hot again. 2017 is rapidly approaching and I am already looking forward to seeing what’s going to be a popular trend in the new year. Pinterest just released its 2017 Pinterest 100 trends report earlier this month and the list is filled with a few surprises. They developed this list based on the most popular pins saved on Pinterest during 2016. 

2017 Fashion, Food, Design Trends
Here are the top 12 food, fashion, beauty and design trends to watch out for in 2017. 


  1. Food is Medicine- In 2016, foods that were good for your health like turmeric saw a big upswing. Everyone, including myself, wanted to consume this powerful spice because of its known health benefits. The trend of using food as medicine is here to stay.  Look for foods like grapeseed oil, jackfruit, and kimchi to pop up on your favorite restaurant menus, cookbooks, and food blogs in 2017. 
  2. It is all about Cuban Cuisine– The travel ban to Cuba was lifted in 2016 and Americans are starting to travel to this destination again. Cuba will be the place to go in 2017 but it will also have an impact on our culinary cuisine at home. Expect to see Cuban empanadas, ropa vieja, guava inspired desserts on restaurant menus in 2017.   
  3. Brew your own beer at home– The craft beer industry was all the rage in 2016 and local breweries were popping up everywhere. In 2017, people will want to know how to brew their own craft beers at home. So expect to see home brew kits like  this one sold in grocery and liquor stores around the country. 


  1. Camel is the new black– Camel was a popular color this fall for the fashion industry. The color is becoming a staple piece in many people’s closets. This is a trend that is here to stay in 2017. 
  2. Statement sleeves are the new off the shoulder– Cold-shoulder tops were cool while they lasted but expect to see a lot of people wearing bell-bottom sleeves next Spring and Fall like this one.
  3. Men will add scarfs to their accessories collection-I was just at a holiday party and all men wearing plaid scarves with their blazers. I love that this look is becoming a trend. 
  4. Earthy GreensThe Pantone Color of 2017 was just announced and its “Greenery”. This bright neon green color is earthy and refreshing. Based on the spring runways from Fashion Week, we can expect to see a lot of this color in our spring wardrobe. 


  1. Natural hair and beauty will take center stage– 2017 is all about everything natural when its comes to skin care and beauty. I already rock this mantra but I’m excited to see more natural hair and beauty products on the market. 
  2. Micro-blading is the new threading– Microblading started to generate buzz during the latter part of 2016 but it looks like this trend will become popular in 2017. This process takes a few hours so expect to block out some time on your calendar to get this done. Curious to learn how the process works? This video tutorial explains it all. 
  3. It’s all about the Gold-plated nail- Last summer it was all about the round-shaped nail but this summer everyone will be wearing gold plated nails. I like this trend and I definitely might test this out for NYE. 


  1. Chip and Joanna Gains made farmhouse living and reclaimed wood popular again- One of my favorite HGTV shows is Fixer Upper starring Chip and Joanna Gains. I love their farmhouse inspired designs. Their show has made farmhouse living and reclaimed wood popular again. Expect too see more of this style in 2017. 
  2. Jewel tones take a strong note-Jewel tones are expected to dominate the design industry in 2017. Vibrant colors like emerald greens will bring homes to life. 

What trends are you looking forward to seeing in 2017?

Shelf Life|Fall Reading Recommendations

Fall Reading List


Fall Reading List

Fall is officially here and flying by very fast. There’s nothing like cuddling up on a chilly fall day reading a good book and drinking hot cocoa. I recently went on a book shopping binge and brought a dozen of great new fall releases. I love reading books and find it very therapeutic. Turning off the TV and reading a good book can take you to a whole new destination. 

So today I’m sharing my fall reading list with you all. This list includes some new releases and a few old favorites. 

Eat.Drink.Shop.Love’s Fall Reading Recommendations

  1. When God Winks at You by Squire Rushnell– I found this book in the clearance bin at Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago. It surely is a hidden gem. I’ve been reading a chapter a week and journaling my thoughts. No matter what your religious affiliation may be, the stories in this book will pull on your heart strings and get you thinking about how God winks at you daily. 
  2. The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson– I discovered this book on a recent trip to Anthropologie. The colorful cover of the Forest Feast immediately stood out to me. Each page of this cookbook is filled with beautifully illustrated vegetarian recipes. 
  3. The Forest Feast Gatherings by Erin Gleeson– After looking up the Forest Feast online, I discovered that Erin Gleeson had released two additional books. The Forest Feats for Kids and The Forest Feast Gatherings. The Forest Feast Gatherings cookbook is designed for entertaining friends in the comfort of your home. I’m not a vegetarian but I do love vegetables.
  4. I Modify IKEA: Furnishings from Everyone’s Favorite Store, Customized for Your Home by Charlotte Rivers– Everyone loves Ikea because of its convenience and affordability. This book shows you how to transform your Ikea furniture into something new that matches your personality.  
  5. In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney– Famous Design Blogger Grace Bonney of Design Sponge recently hosted a book tour around the country to celebrate the launch of her new book, In the Company of Women. I was fortunate enough to hear her talk about the new book during her Atlanta tour stop. This book is one of my favorites and will be a treasure in my reading collection forever. Grace interviews women entrepreneurs and tastemakers from around the country in this book. 
  6. Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze– I’m currently doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through my Church and I am on baby step 2 of his process. After joining the program at my church, I started listening to Dave’s podcast and that’s where I learned about his daughter Rachel Cruze. Rachel released her first solo book where she talks about managing your money in today’s comparison world. I had the opportunity to meet Rachel Cruze while she was in Atlanta during her book signing. 
  7. The Seasoned Life by Ayesha Curry– I’m a huge fan of Ayesha Curry, the wife of basketball player Stephen Curry. I have been watching her YouTube lifestyle videos for a while now. So I was excited when my friend gave her new cookbook to me for my birthday. This book is filled with delicious and easy to make recipes that everyone in your family will love. 
  8. Grace not Perfection by Emily Ley– In today’s world its hard to try to live a perfect lifestyle without going crazy. Emily Ley’s new book helps women learn to remain balanced over being perfect and maintaining a strong faith. 
  9. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown– A friend recently recommended this book by Brene Brown. It talks about the power of vulnerability which is something we all have dealt with at some point in life. This book shows you how to transform your vulnerability into something positive. 
  10. Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook by Marco Canora-Soup season is officially here! This bone broth cookbook is filled with holistic recipes that are good for an immune system reset. Bone Broth has become a popular trend for foodies. I never knew about this concept until this book was given to me. I recently started making bone broth after getting this book and you can definitely tell a difference.
  11. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst– If you loved Lysa’s daily devotional Proverbs 31, you will love her latest book Uninvited. She talks about rejection and how to overcome challenges and remember you are loved. 
  12. The Magnolia Story– I’m a huge fan of the HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines are huge relationship role models of mine. I love hearing about their story. I’m currently listening to their new book on Audible. This book talks about how they built their business and family. 
  13. Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar– Lisa Sugar the founder of the popular website, PopSugar release her new book earlier this fall called Power Your Happy. This book encourages women to work hard while building your dream. 
  14. Skinny Taste Fast and Slow by Gina Homolka– I’m a huge fan of the blog, Skinnytaste. Gina’s recipes are healthy and weight watchers friendly.Her new cookbook offers an array of recipe that can be made in the slow cooker. 

I hope you found a few books on this list that you want to add to your collection. I would love to hear what you are reading this fall. Please leave a comment below.

*Disclaimer- A few of these books were given to me by Publishers but these opinins are my own. 

Getting Fit with Pure Barre Platform

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know I like to workout.

I try to stick to a regular fitness routine by working out at least three times a week because staying fit in your thirties can be hard. My workout routine consists of high-intensity interval training, yoga, and barre classes. I love taking barre classes and I’ve tried all of the barre studios in Atlanta. I have a few favorites but recently became obsessed with my local Pure Barre studio in Vinings.


Pure Barre offers two types of classes: a regular barre class and Pure Barre Platform, an intense cardio fitness class. Pure Barre launched Pure Barre Platform earlier this year. I’ve fallen in love with Pure Barre’s new cardio class. It’s everything I needed with a combination of cardio and barre. When starting this class I was told to throw out everything I learned in my regular Pure Barre class and that there will be large movements and little to no tucks. If you haven’t taken a Pure Barre class they have a signature movement where you tuck your hips in.


If you are looking to burn a ton of calories in a less than hour Pure Barre Platform is the class for you. On average I’ve burned at least 500 calories in one session.Pure Barre Platform is this generation’s step aerobic class. Pure Barre Platform tests your limits, raises your heart rate, and is a ton of fun.

I highly recommend you book a class by downloading the Mind.Body.Fitness app. 

*Pure Barre provided me with a temporary membership to try their new Pure Barre Platform classes. These opinions are my own


City Guide: 5 Days In Los Angeles


Los Angeles City Guide



I recently spent five days in Los Angeles visiting my friend Sheena of Space.Plate.Create. I love California but this was my first time in this city. I fell in love with the city so today I’m sharing my recommendations on what to do while you are in Los Angeles. 

Day 1

Eat: Lunch at Larchmont Bungalow

Drink: Grab happy hour at Mama’s Shelter

Shop: Spend the afternoon shopping in Larchmont Village

Love: Score some scenic views and Instagram-worthy shots of the Los Angeles city skyline with a trip to Griffith Observatory

Day 2 

Grab a rental car from Skirt and head up the PCH to spend the day at the beach in Santa Monica and Malibu. 

Eat: Grab lunch in Santa Monica on the pier at Pier Burger

Drink: Grab a refreshing juice blend from The Hive

Shop: Spend part of your afternoon shopping at Malibu Country Mart

Love: Spend the day at Zuma Beach  and El Matador State Beach in Malibu. These are both great places to score some Instagram-worthy shots. 

Day 3

While you still have your rental car from Skirt head to Pasadena for the day. 

Eat: Grab lunch at Tender Greens Order the Happy Vegan salad. 

Drink: Grab tea at this Intellengista, a trendy coffee shop. Order the Turmeric Tonic. 

Shop: Spend the day shopping in Old Pasadena

Love: Take the scenic route to Pasadena and drive down Mulholland Drive. You’ll be able to get up close views of the famous Hollywood sign. 


Day 4

Eat: Grab some pho at It’s Pho

Drink: Enjoy happy hour at the vegan Mexican restaurant, Gracias Madre. 

Shop: Visit one of Los Angeles’ many outdoor markets. 

Love: Start your morning with a workout at Exhale Spa in Hollywood. If they are still offering it take the Helicopter Skydeck yoga class. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Imagine taking a yoga class thousands of feet up in the air. 

Day 5

Eat: Grab brunch at Tart. Order the chicken and waffles. 

Drink: Soak up some liquid libations and scenic views at Ivory on Sunset

Shop: Spend your last day shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles

Love: Craving dessert? Grab ice cream or dessert from MILK

Live in a city that you love? Want to share your favorite places to Eat.Drink.Shop.Love. E-mail me at Jewel@eatdrinkshoplove.com about contributing to my city guides column. 


How to pack the perfect picnic basket

How to Pack a Picnic Basket

How to Pack a Picnic Basket

Sterling Wine Chardonnay

How to Pack a Picnic Basket

How to Pack a Picnic Basket



The summer months call for us to turn off our ovens and dine outdoors. Rather it be outside at the park with friends or at the beach with family, picnics are a great way to come together and share a good meal. Over the next few days, I’m sharing how to pack the perfect picnic basket along with some of my favorite portable recipes.

Today I’m kicking off this three-part series with a guide on how to pack the perfect picnic basket. I’ll be sharing with you a checklist of all of the essentials you need to prepare for your next picnic.

1. Wine- Wine is what makes an alfresco dining experience fun! Have each person coming to your picnic bring their favorite wine to pair with their dish. This is a creative way to turn your picnic into a wine tasting. Worried about keeping your wine cold on a hot summer day? This wine cooler is perfect for keeping your bottles chilled while dining outdoors. 

2. Non-Alcoholic Beverages-Its important to stay hydrated during these hot summer months. I love bringing lemonade, sweet tea or fruit infused waters to picnics. I always try to keep in mind that everyone doesn’t always like alcohol and there may be kids around. 

3. Plates and Utensils- Try to find plastic plates and utensils to reduce waste at your picnic. I found these cute wine glasses and plastic plates that are easy to toss or clean when you get home. 

4. A Basket- Searching for the perfect basket can be a challenge because there are so many on the market. I loved this basket because it collapses and is waterproof, so if you are having a picnic at the beach its easy to carry and take home. 

5. A Blanket- Finding a waterproof picnic blanket is essential when dining outdoors. It makes spills easier to clean up because you can just shake it off, wipe it up, and put it in the wash when you get home. 

6. Fruit- Fruit is a great way to add a splash of color to your picnic. Bring a variety of colorful fruits like sliced strawberries, kiwi, peaches, and grapes in portable containers for your friends and family to enjoy. 

7. Sandwiches- Sandwiches and wraps work really well at picnics because they don’t require refrigerator for a long time. You can make a variety of meat and vegetarian options to satisfy everyone attending. 

8. Salads- I like to bring a variety of salads to my picnics. Salads are great because they can be chilled on ice or left alone for about an hour. I like to bring a pasta salad and a regular salad to give my friends and family options. You can put your salads in individual mason jars or to-go containers to personalize the experience. 

9. Desserts- Desserts are tricky when dining outdoors because bugs like sweets. But I have a huge sweet tooth and love having desserts at picnics. Finding a plate cover can prevent food poisoning and bugs from ruining your food. 

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