2017 food, fashion, beauty and design trends to watch out for

2016 was a great year for the food, fashion, and design industry. Turmeric became the spice everyone wanted to use in their food, off the shoulder tops had a big comeback, the design industry made florals hot again. 2017 is rapidly approaching and I am already looking forward to seeing what’s going to be a popular trend in the new year. Pinterest just released its 2017 Pinterest 100 trends report earlier this month and the list is filled with a few surprises. They developed this list based on the most popular pins saved on Pinterest during 2016. 

2017 Fashion, Food, Design Trends
Here are the top 12 food, fashion, beauty and design trends to watch out for in 2017. 


  1. Food is Medicine- In 2016, foods that were good for your health like turmeric saw a big upswing. Everyone, including myself, wanted to consume this powerful spice because of its known health benefits. The trend of using food as medicine is here to stay.  Look for foods like grapeseed oil, jackfruit, and kimchi to pop up on your favorite restaurant menus, cookbooks, and food blogs in 2017. 
  2. It is all about Cuban Cuisine– The travel ban to Cuba was lifted in 2016 and Americans are starting to travel to this destination again. Cuba will be the place to go in 2017 but it will also have an impact on our culinary cuisine at home. Expect to see Cuban empanadas, ropa vieja, guava inspired desserts on restaurant menus in 2017.   
  3. Brew your own beer at home– The craft beer industry was all the rage in 2016 and local breweries were popping up everywhere. In 2017, people will want to know how to brew their own craft beers at home. So expect to see home brew kits like  this one sold in grocery and liquor stores around the country. 


  1. Camel is the new black– Camel was a popular color this fall for the fashion industry. The color is becoming a staple piece in many people’s closets. This is a trend that is here to stay in 2017. 
  2. Statement sleeves are the new off the shoulder– Cold-shoulder tops were cool while they lasted but expect to see a lot of people wearing bell-bottom sleeves next Spring and Fall like this one.
  3. Men will add scarfs to their accessories collection-I was just at a holiday party and all men wearing plaid scarves with their blazers. I love that this look is becoming a trend. 
  4. Earthy GreensThe Pantone Color of 2017 was just announced and its “Greenery”. This bright neon green color is earthy and refreshing. Based on the spring runways from Fashion Week, we can expect to see a lot of this color in our spring wardrobe. 


  1. Natural hair and beauty will take center stage– 2017 is all about everything natural when its comes to skin care and beauty. I already rock this mantra but I’m excited to see more natural hair and beauty products on the market. 
  2. Micro-blading is the new threading– Microblading started to generate buzz during the latter part of 2016 but it looks like this trend will become popular in 2017. This process takes a few hours so expect to block out some time on your calendar to get this done. Curious to learn how the process works? This video tutorial explains it all. 
  3. It’s all about the Gold-plated nail- Last summer it was all about the round-shaped nail but this summer everyone will be wearing gold plated nails. I like this trend and I definitely might test this out for NYE. 


  1. Chip and Joanna Gains made farmhouse living and reclaimed wood popular again- One of my favorite HGTV shows is Fixer Upper starring Chip and Joanna Gains. I love their farmhouse inspired designs. Their show has made farmhouse living and reclaimed wood popular again. Expect too see more of this style in 2017. 
  2. Jewel tones take a strong note-Jewel tones are expected to dominate the design industry in 2017. Vibrant colors like emerald greens will bring homes to life. 

What trends are you looking forward to seeing in 2017?

Kitchen Inspiration

Sometime within the next month, I’ll be starting a makeover project on my kitchen. I’m in desperate need for a new oven since mine broke two months ago. Since I’m planning to replace my oven later this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to add new paint the walls and change the backsplash. So I’ve been browsing Pinterest and Houzz for some kitchen inspiration. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite finds with you. 


Spring Home Refresh for Under $100

Spring Home Refresh



Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home and brighten things up a bit. After your doing your annual run of Spring cleaning, its time to go on a shopping trip. I’ve created a budget friendly list of items that will refresh your favorite space in your home without breaking the bank. I like doing simple things like adding a new piece of artwork to my collection or switching up the pillows on my sofa. 


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen NY Home Tour

The February issue of Architectural Digest features the New York home of John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen. I’m a fan of this couple and I was excited to see their home in the magazine. Their New York space uses dark hues and splashes of gold to make the home feel cozy and chic.


My favorite room in their home is the kitchen, which is filled with gold. The use of gold makes this kitchen stand out in a sexy and sophisticated way. 




JohnLegendArchitectureDigestJan JohnLegendArchitectureDigestJan15 JohnLegendArchitectureDigestJan15hometour JohnLegendArchitectureDigestJan15hometourny

Image Source: Architectural Digest

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Diy Christmas Gift Card Holder

I can’t believe Christmas is just a few weeks away.  I put up my Christmas tree last week and couldn’t wait to start filling it with presents. One of the easiest gifts I love giving during the holidays are gift cards. But I hate putting them in cards, I’ve never been a fan of cards so I just don’t give them. Target challenged me along with other bloggers, to create a unique way to give a gift card to friend this year.





Spending under $25, I started to think about the foodies in my life and what they would want. Using your standard pot holder as an envelope, you could fill this up with a Target GiftCard® along with a few kitchen accessories and a recipe card. The recipe has almost all of the tools needed to make their favorite Christmas cookies thanks to you. Target now allows you to purchase gift cards online, so if you don’t have a location near you and want to make this gift card holder you can just buy everything at Target.com


1 pot holder

1 Target GiftCard®

1 measuring spoons set

1 spatula

1 recipe card (not pictured)

1 cookie cutter

TARGET_LOGO I partnered with Target to bring you this slice of holiday cuteness as part of their #GiftCardCheer campaign.