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Holiday season has officially arrived and the stores are filled with Christmas decor and goods. It seems as if Thanksgiving items have already hit the clearance racks. Which means Christmas party invites will be going out this week. So to gear up for holiday party season, I’m sharing how to build the perfect cheese plate. It so easy and affordable to do.

Picking the perfect cheeses- I like to pick 2-3 varieties of cheeses to display on the platter that will please everyone’s taste buds. I usually pick a few hard cheeses like a cheddar or asiago. Then I pick a few that have bold flavors like a havarti, a blue cheese, a brie or a gouda. I like to slice them in different shapes to arrange on the cheese board. Allow cheese to sit at room temperature before serving.

Add a little crunch- Skip the ritz crackers and head to the deli section of your grocery store in search of a few gourmet cracker options. I found some amazing rosemary crackers and wine sticks. I also love serving toasted french baguette slices so my guests can build mini sandwiches.   

Don’t forget about the salty accompaniments- Adding salty sides to the board takes your meats and cheeses to the next level. Find flavored olives, nuts like peanuts, almonds or walnuts, roasted red peppers or sun-dried tomatoes.

Add fruit to the plate- I like to add in-season fruit to the board. Right now I’m loving purple grapes and blackberries. 

Meat- My favorite part of the platter. I love visiting the deli at my local grocery store to discover new cured meats. Step away from the ham and turkey. And gives your guests a chance to try new meats like a  prosciutto, a salami, a spicy roast beef, a chorizo links, or a soppressata. 

Balance out the salty and savory flavors with something sweet- I like to balance out the salty flavors sweet preserves or spreads. Like a local honey, orange preserves or a fig jam.

Have fun when arranging your board. There aren’t any set in stone rules for setting up your meat and cheese plate. I like to put all of the crackers and breads together. I also like to have the fruit on the opposite side of the platter just in case it gets runny. I also like to use the colors of the food to make the plate pop.

Wine! Don’t forget about the wine!- You can’t have cheese without wine. Here is a guide to pairing wine with cheeses. 


Plates provided by Kate Spade.

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    Love the holiday food layout

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