What I’m Reading: Devotionals


As I’ve gotten older my faith and christianity has grown stronger. I attend church regularly, was in a small group for years, and read my bible often. When times get tough and I have no one to turn to I turn to God. He’s my therapist when my real therapist isn’t available.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve heard me talk about two devotional books, I have read this spring: Make it Happen by Lara Casey and 31 Days of Prayer for a Dreamer and Doer by Jenn Sprinkle and Kelly Rucker.

These books are amazing and I can’t stop about talking them. So much so that I’ve started sending them to friends as birthday gifts. I recommend these books for creative thinkers, business owners, women in the working world, and especially millennials.

A few months ago, Jenn Sprinkle hosted a meet up in Atlanta and I was fortunate enough to attend. It was great to sit around a small group of Christian women bloggers and business owners in my community and talk about life’s obstacles and rewards. 

What I found most rewarding about these books were that the issues that I deal with as a full time working woman and blogger, they were dealing with too. Some of the topics discussed in the book are anxiety, managing a work life balance, when to take a brain break, relationships, marriage, friendships, when to take a leap of faith, setting goals, and so much more. 

While reading both of these books I cried and laugh. 

My next step is too dive into Lara Caseys Power Sheets: The Ultimate Goal Setting Worksheets

What devotional are you currently reading?


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